venerdì 1 ottobre 2010

Björk remembers Lee Alexander McQueen

In seguito alla cerimonia in memoria di Alexander McQueen tenutosi a Londra due settimane fa, Björk ricorda il suo amico e frequente collaboratore (basti pensare alla copertina di Homogenic o ai video di Alarm Call, Pagan Poetry e Who is it?). Aveva già dedicato una sezione del suo sito a Lee, subito dopo la sua morte, ma ora ne parla con la stampa. E' decisamente una delle 'memorie' più belle e toccanti tra le tante che si sono susseguite in questi mesi. 

I felt Lee's raw connection with nature and birth and death was very refreshing. When I moved to London, being from Iceland, I sometimes found the self-importance in the UK's obsession with the decay of its empire boring, to insist the whole world is dying with them. This urban apocalyptic aesthetic is still a bit overdriving, a bit teenage really... it mostly just reveals its impotency.

Lee had so many ideas that he overcame this dilemma with fertility, raw gusto, sense of fun and courage. He was the kind of daredevil that looks death and birth straight in the eye. Lee managed to connect not only with the civilized part of his culture but somehow channel beyond that a more primordial energy, which is probably where me and him met.

Even though we were very different, we had in common taking inspiration from nature: building from there just gave you way more options! Even though we have our neighborhoods fading with pollution, we still have the energy of this solar system driving us through with more explosive power, fuel and potential than there ever was... it's all there for you and Lee knew that. 
Alarm Call

Pagan Poetry
Lee e Björk

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